The Conference

CLEON Conferences & Communications is organizing the 1st European Intellectual Property & Tax Conference “Intangible Assets as a Central Component of International Tax Strategies” in cooperation with the World Council for Law Firms and Justice e. V. (WCLF) and EPLO-Tax Academy.

The Conference will take place on Friday, 20th of May, 2022 at the Hotel Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso-Athens Riviera.

Organizing Committee

George S. Mavraganis LL.M, Lawyer-former Deputy Finance Minister (2012-2015), President of EPLO Tax Academy and head of the Advisory Scientific Council

Prof. Wolfgang W. Kraft Ph.D, Founder WCLF- World Council for Law Firms & Justice e.V.

Dr. Andreas Striegel LL.M, Lawyer, Tax Advisor, Attorney at Law (New York) mainfort GmbH

Dr. Eleni Theocharopoulou, Associate Professor of Tax Law at the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace

Dr. Alexandros Karakitis LL. B, Tax Lawyer

Katerina Perrou LL.M, Lawyer specialized in Tax Law

Kostas Sfakakis, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises-Advisor to the Board, Tax Policy

Dr. Grigorios Leonidis, Managing Director, Cleon Conferences & Communications


PANEL 1: Tax measures for driving innovation – investment incentives for Research and Development

  • Notion of royalties in the international tax law, tax measures on the income from IP and patent box regimes, tax measures on business expenses in the framework of R+D

PANEL 2: Analysis of basic international tax IP structures

  • How are the licenses “inbound” EU taxed (deductibility of expenses which correspond to the royalties paid), how are the licenses “outbound” EU taxed (royalties collected), exit tax “inbound” EU, exit tax “outbound” EU.
  • Reliability as the basis for future tax and economic development. Time of past changes comes with uncertainty. What could be the solution for tax planning certainty?

PANEL 3: The treatment of digital tax strategies: Restrictions and tax planning opportunities for driving innovation.

  •  Business restructuring and intangible assets. Are there any reliable international tax IP planning strategies left and which rules are internationally accepted?
  • How do taxpayers perceive tax planning certainty?
  • What is the economic basis for allocation of assets and transfer pricing?
  • How could double tax risk as well as exit tax risks be mitigated?

PANEL 4: Inbound EU, Outbound EU, Disclosures?, APA’s?, Binding Rulings?

  • Case studies about the compliance with “safe” tax IP structure


  • Lawyer
  • Tax Lawyers
  • In house Lawyer
  • In-house Legal counsels
  • Government Entities
  • Heads of Legal & IPR
  • IP-Portfolio Managers
  • Head of IP/Patent
  • IP-Inventors
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Director of Intellectual Asset Management
  • Director of IP Licensing & Strategy
  • Trademark and Copyright Counsel
  • IP Counsel / Managers
  • Lead Patent Counsel
  • Tax professionals
  • Compliance professionals
  • Accountants
  • Corporate Tax Managers
  • Legal-Tech providers
  • Insurance experts
  • Academia




The World Council for Law Firms and Justice e.V. (WCLF) is an organisation for all legal and legally sensitive professions, operating internationally and across all sectors. It develops and promotes approaches and initiatives which reach beyond legal specialisations and national borders. The exchange among experts during events, in discussion groups and publications which does not ignore the political and economic dimension of the subjects involved is meant to initiate and support simplifications, further developments and the harmonisation efforts both at national and international level. WCLF e.V. is a legally recognized non-profit organisation, its events and contact groups are open to all interested parties. To its members, it also offers exclusive networking benefits as well as cooperation and marketing opportunities.

Logo Tax Academy-250

The EPLO Tax and Accounting Academy (in brief “Tax Academy”) was founded by the European Public Law Organization with a view to promoting research in the area of taxation and accounting and facilitating exchange of views on tax and accounting issues.

The Academy aims at setting up a forum for exchange of ideas on tax and accounting issues among the countries in which EPLO is active with ultimate objective the creation of a think-tank and a network to promote best practices and cooperation.

In addition, the Academy offers know-how and technical assistance in the setting up of tax and accounting systems to States which need support by experts so that they introduce reliable tax and accounting systems.

At the same time the Academy acts as an independent scientific body in the study of tax and accounting issues closely related to the economic activity. The Academy also offers scientific support and substantiation on tax and accounting issues before national and European institutional bodies.


CLEON Conferences & Communications was founded in March 2021. It is headed by Grigorios Leonidis who has vast experience of more than 30 years in marketing and communications working among others for Siemens, Vardinogiannis Group, Papastratos-a PMI Intl company and Club Hotel Casino Loutraki. In the last 10 years has successfully organized more than 100 specialized national and international conferences. The conferences cover regulatory, compliance, risk, legal and business issues in the following sectors:

  • Banks, Financial and Insurance Services
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Family Businesses


For sponsorships and program details please contact:

Grigoris Leonidis
Managing Director

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Conferences & Marketing Director

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