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Added-Value Services

CLEON Conferences & Communications operates successfully mainly in the organization of local and international high- quality conferences & educational seminars as well as in the provision of communication services to selected Law Firms. Cleon offers additionally administrative support services for professional associations.


Our Conferences cover the areas of Legal Services, Regulatory Compliance and Entrepreneurship in the fields of Financial Services, Energy, Health, Shipping, Aviation, as well as the Family Business sector.

Specifically, our company organizes annual established conferences, client-focused conferences & events, as well as conferences for professional associations.

Communication Services

With the rapid changes taking place in the business world, law firms today are called upon to face new challenges and intense competition in their quest for growth. CLEON offers integrated communication services for law firms, businesses and associations, collaborates closely with its clients and partners in achieving their goals and aspirations.

Development of strategy and communication program

Specifically, it undertakes:

– the description of the current situation,
– the analysis of the needs & the competition,
– the identification and segmentation of stakeholders,
– the development of communication messages and
– the implementation of the communication program(s).

Media Relations

CLEON also undertakes media relations services, specifically the editing, promotion and follow-up of press releases and promotion through articles in the print and electronic media.

Social Media

Social media emerges as an increasingly strong factor in shaping a company’s reputation, and CLEON undertakes:

– the social media strategy development,
– the creation and management of social media accounts,
– the creation of content for social media

Educational Seminars

Our company, in collaboration with prestigious institutions, organizes focused training programs for lawyers, regulatory, compliance and risk management executives. Given the ever-increasing professional needs and the rapid growth of technology, targeted training is emerging as an essential parameter of success.


We cooperate with very important institutional and professional bodies and associations in order to offer to our customers successful, interactive and high conferences.



We work with very important institutional and professional bodies and organizations for the best organization of our conferences.

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